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Stay well and stay on track with the DBSA Wellness Tracker!

The FacingUs ClubhouseThe DBSA Wellness Tracker is one of many customizable tools in the Facing Us Clubhouse at FacingUs.org, your online home for wellness. Use it to monitor, daily or weekly, the many things that influence your health—body and mind. And, when talking with your clinician, use your reports (along with the goals in your wellness plan) to evaluate, and make decisions about, the next step in your course of treatment.

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The Facing Us Clubhouse is home to a variety of personal wellness tools. At FacingUs.org, you can:

Step inside and come home to wellness.

Track Daily and Weekly Items


Daily and Weekly Items

Chart your moods, symptoms, lifestyle, medication, and overall physical health. Setting aside a few minutes at the same time each day/week to record how you’re doing will help you keep your mind and body “on track.”

Report Your Data


Reveal to You

Use the reports to see, at a glance, any trends or patterns in your health that your tracking might show. Use them with your clinician to see how effective your treatment is and make the choices that are right for you.

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  2. Symptoms Track Daily or Weekly
  3. Lifestyle Track Daily
  4. Medication Track Changes
  5. Health Track Changes